Enjoying New Music

Self Taught Musician: Tips For Teaching Yourself To Play Irish Flute Tunes

The ability to play a musical instrument can have the power to transform your life by giving you an outlet for your emotions or stress. While music is powerful, there are some genres of music that can be easily recognized by people from various walks of life simply because of the role they have played over the course of time. Irish flute tunes are included in this class of extraordinary music pieces. Read More 

Private Music Lessons Vs. Group Lessons: The Pros And Cons

Music lessons are the key to finding a creative hobby or even a career you can enjoy for the rest of your life. But for many people, the biggest hurdle is just getting started. Finding a great teacher is often the first step. Some people learn best in the community setting that group lessons can provide while others thrive in private instruction. What's best for you? Here are a few of the pros and cons of choosing private music lessons over group lessons. Read More 

Tired Of The Clutter? Give The Gift Of Piano Lessons

The holidays are ending, the relatives are leaving, but your house has new toys everywhere. In a world oversaturated with material goods and grandparents excited to spoil their grandchildren, you wonder how you can make birthdays and holidays special next year without adding to all the clutter. However, this doesn't have to be difficult. There are tons of annual memberships, classes, or music lessons that would be a great gift without taking up space in your home. Read More 

Getting A Good Motown Mix

Motown is known as a clean and soulful genre. With its smooth arrangements and rhythms, Motown became a large hit in the 1960s. Black musicians have always had an influence on the music scene. With genres like jazz and Motown, black musicians were adding individuality and expression into music, and producers of the era perfected their techniques and created hit after hit. A new texture in music rose in popularity and has affected modern popular music even now. Read More 

Why You Should Choose Violin Lessons For Your Child

If you're considering music lessons for your child, you may want to weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on a course of action. After all, music lessons can be a big investment. But in many cases, music lessons such as violin lessons are worth the added expense. Here are four reasons why you should choose violin lessons for your child. 1. Violin lessons are accessible even to young children Read More